Nest Ovan Terrarium With Cactus Plant

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  • Every plant has different type of light, feed and water requirements.
  • Most of the plants like moderate watering, let the couple of inch at surface dry before watering again.
  • Some plants require frequent feeding but most, once in a year, feed the plant at beginning of spring.
  • Repot the plant every couple of years in slightly bigger container.


  • Avoid frequent watering in winters, it will kill the plant.
  • Avoid temperature shocks like taking it suddenly indoors or outdoors.
  • Avoid partial watering and use water sprayers to water equally in all directions.
  • Avoid repotting plants in large containers, most of the plants likes to be in groups.


Plants are living creatures require a little sensitivity towards them, following common instructions are helpful for keeping them happy:

  • Dig around the root zone with your fingers to a depth of 2-3′ for small plants and water generously when the soil feels dry to the touch.
  • Use a balanced fartilizer Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) food.
  • It is good to make it a practice to inspect plants progress so you can spot systems of disease or insect infestations well in advance of any serious problem.
  • As a general note remove the damaged leaves and branches as soon as those are noticed to avoid infections.

Bird Nest Oval Type Terrarium with Cactus Plant is a creative Royal Empire Special terrarium.

Product name: Bird Nest Oval Type Terrarium with Cactus Plant and Deco Mates

1 review for Nest Ovan Terrarium With Cactus Plant

  1. printernational009

    Original product i am loving it.

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