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Please read the below points to understand the expressions under each circumstance before you have a wonderful shopping experience.

While reading further, you may find several words which convey specific meaning:

Buyer” means the person who buys goods from the Seller
“Seller” means Royalempire. who sell gardening products
“Goods” means the products offered by the seller for sale on the web site
List Price” means the prices listed on the website for goods by the Seller for sale or as revised from time to time
Terms and Conditions” means the terms and conditions of sale set out in this document and as amended from time to time
The use of this website, its services and tools are all governed by the below mentioned terms and conditions. If you make any transaction through this website, you shall undergo policies that are applicable to the website. If you transact with this website means you are contracting with royalempire.in and you shall follow the duties with this company.

Please note that wherever is mentioned as “you” or “user” shall be considered as the member of the website who registers with royalempire.in and provides his/her data using the computation systems. royalempire.in allows its users to surf or make purchase from this website without registration process. The term “we”, “us”, “our” means the company or royalempire.in

When you use this website including customer reviews, you are subject to guidelines, rules, policies, terms and conditions applicable to this website and its services. We reserve the sole right to modify, add, change or remove the portion or content of these Terms and Conditions without any notification. Hence, we request you to please keep visiting this page to understand the Terms & Conditions and also our Privacy Policy which is subject to change without notice. Please be certain that with the use of Terms & Conditions, we offer you limited privilege to enter this website and enjoy non-exclusive, non-transferable, personal account.

Our shipments are carefully inspected before the items leave our warehouse, but if you are not satisfied with your purchase, please follow the instructions below:

The seller royalempire.in will not be responsible for any damage, direct loss suffered by the buyer due to any negligence, breach of contract or excessive pricing of the goods.
The seller is not responsible for any economic loss, loss of profit or any indirect third party loss suffered by the buyer caused due to any reason such as negligence, failure to meet any estimated delivery date, misrepresentation or breach of contract.
All offers for goods purchased by buyers shall be treated as offers listed under the clauses given in Terms & Conditions (T&C). The seller may choose not to accept or cancel a particular order without giving any particular reason.
Placing an order on royalempire.in will be treated as an evidence for acceptance of T&C on royalempire.in
Any changes mentioned in T&C will be considered inapplicable unless the seller agrees the same in writing

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